The Original Book Soundtrack

Music by Kristina A. Bishoff

inspired by the novel Green Rider by Kristen Britain. Copyright © 1998 by Kristen Britain

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Black Shield- AKA Weapon
Green Rider- Shield Ability
Green Rider- Illusion Ability
Eletian Tiendan

"I have mentioned now and then how music inspires my writing and has serves as a companion on many a novel ... Never had it occurred to me that my writing might, in turn, inspire music. not just any music ...

a soundtrack for a novel! ...

Each track is layered with nuanced emotion, at times dramatic or

whimsical or triumphant. Each photo that illustrates the album provides visual artistry and magic. The alchemy of music and image creates a spellbinding package ... I hope all the Greenies out there heed the call

to enjoy this whole new dimension to their reading experience."


- Kristen Britain,
Author of Green Rider

A Book Soundtrack?

The "Green Rider" book soundtrack, inspired by the New York Times- Best Selling Series, Green Rider, by Kristen Britain, is a heroic and magical musical adventure meant to enhance the magic and accompany your reading. It's full of melodies that represent popular characters from the novel, scene music to amplify the action and emotions of certain scenes, and ambient mood music you can put on repeat for when you want to journey through the forest for a while. Fantasy fans and music lovers all over the world are excited by this new and exciting way to experience reading through magically customized background music. Take a few moments to listen to what makes this album so unique, and comment with your thoughts. Don’t forget to share with fellow fans.

Imagine What Your Favorite Character Would Sound Like in a Melody

Meet Captain Lauren Mapstone of the King's Green Rider messenger service. We are introduced to her theme by the low notes of a trumpet. It is honorable, mature, commanding, compassionate, and very human. I thought the trumpet would fit the best because it is an instrument capable of warm compassion on one end and then strong, bright brilliance on the other, just like our Captain.

Meet The Team

Kristina A. Bishoff

The Composer-

Green Rider Character:

The Golden Gaurdian

Madeline Shayne

The Artist-

Green Rider Character:

Green Rider with
Illusion Ability

Michael Bahnmiller

The Orchestrator-

Green Rider Character:

Professor Berry


©2018 Kristina A. Bishoff

Black Shield- AKA Weapon

Solemn weapon, duty and honor bound to protect the king of Sacoridia