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A Home, a Healer, and a Sneak Peek

Hello Riders! Madeline here with an update on the soundtrack!

I know you're eager to find out what Kristina and I have been working on, so I will skip the pleasantries and the lengthy intro and just dive right into the updates!

(Just know that Kristina and I have been putting in a lot of time behind the scenes and are really excited about how involved you have been so far in this project with your comments, submissions, and shares. Keep it up!)

So, to get started, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the soundtrack now has a virtual home of its own! Kristina has been spending much of her time these last few weeks perfecting the website and has managed to do all of this, while having a little one at home, having said little one get sick, and then getting sick herself (did I mention she's also pregnant)! Meanwhile, my contribution has consisted of taking an occasional look and saying “it looks great! You’re doing awesome!”

To defend myself, while I've only played the role of a supportive friend (at best) when it comes to the website, I have at least been ATTEMPTING to pull my fair share with the project in other areas. Namely, the artwork.

To prove my point, you can find me most mornings, lunch breaks, and evenings huddled in a dark room, staring at a computer screen as I edit away on the artwork.

(And yes... it is currently my lunch break, and I am currently huddled in just such a room right now. Here's your proof:)

I'm being dramatic, though. I actually like working this way as it allows me a little bit of quiet to concentrate better. Happily, all of that sequestering has paid off because I’ve been able to complete a few more pieces for the project! Like this one, which represents a Rider with the healing ability:

More to come in the next few weeks, including a special reveal of the cover image, which you can find out more about at the end of this post.

(Don’t you skip ahead! Yes, I see you hovering your finger over the scroll button!)

But let’s get back to the more exciting bits: the website! Kristina has really done an excellent job thinking through the best possible features for the site so that it’s not just a static experience. We want you to be able to really interact with us and with the other Green Rider fans, and Kristina has made that possible! With the site being mostly completed, I thought I’d take you on a little tour:

On the home page, you can find the basics, like a description of the project (for those who are just finding out about it) and members of the creative team (like Kristina and I). There are also some music clips you can listen to on repeat until the actual album is finished (what… no…. I haven’t been doing that…) and (in case you’re worried about missing anything) you can sign up for the mailing list, where you’ll be able to receive any new announcements and updates right in your email inbox.

As you can see, Kristina has also added a blog section, where we will be able to post all the updates and latest news on the progress of the Kickstarter and the album production. So definitely come back to visit this space to stay in the loop (or sign up for the mailing list on our home page).

One of the things I’m the most excited about, though, is the Fan Forum. Like I said earlier, we didn’t want this to just be a static website, so Kristinas has created a space for you to be a part of the album and the Green Rider world! In the Fan Forum, there will be places to share everything from a deeper look at the musical themes of the characters, the character designs for the artwork, and your theories and cosplay relating to the Green Rider universe!

I know I’ve already spent quite a bit of time looking through some of the fan-submitted pictures Kristina asked for. You are seriously talented with your art and cosplay!

And last (but unquestionably not least), there will be a link to the Kickstarter page right here on the website, once that is up and running. So if you, like me, have the hardest time finding a specific project on Kickstarter (their Search feature is not that helpful!), you’ll be able to access it via this website as well.

So now that we’ve completed our little tour of the site, it's time for that exciting news I promised you at the beginning:

The cover image is finished! So finished, that it even has all the type (in fancy gold lettering) on it. Basically… we just need a CD to go with it!

I’m going to be just a little mean, though, and tell you that I can’t share it with you just yet.

I know. I’m sorry.

If it is any consolation, though, I’ll leave you with two things: 1) a little sneak peek of the cover (see below) and 2) on Saturday, February 17th at 12 pm EST, I’ll be doing a live reveal of the image via Facebook Live. So like my Facebook page right HERE (and maybe like Kristina’s as well while you’re at it. Click HERE to do so), so that you can be notified as soon as I go live!

As always, thank you for joining Kristina and I on this ride! It’s been a wild one for sure and we’re only just beginning.

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