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A Little Valentine's "Eye Candy" (and the Kickstarter Launch Date)!

Welcome back, Riders!

This week has been a very productive week for Kristina and I. Most of the work, however, has been put towards all of the behind the scenes details (like creating press kits and putting the Kickstarter page together), so I admit, it has seemed a bit quiet on our end. However, Kristina and I can assure you (as can our family and roommates... who never see us anymore), that we are still chugging along!

Now, I'm sure you're about bursting at the seams now, wondering when we're actually going to launch this thing and go live with the Kickstarter. Well, you're in luck, because guess what?

The Kickstarter is going live on March 1!

The campaign will run for one month only, ending on March 31st, so put it in your calendars right now, and be prepared to fan-girl over all the really fun reward tiers we've put together (and, of course, prepare your wallet.You're definitely going to want it at the ready once you decide which tier you HAVE to have!)!

Of course, JUST doing a Kickstarter simply isn't exciting enough, so Kristina and I have decided to add a little something extra to the campaign! We just couldn't wait until the Kickstarter launches on March 1st, though, so we'll be kicking off the festivities this upcoming Monday with the first of several mini-auctions that we will be hosting in tandem with the campaign!

So what exactly is happening in the mini-auction on Monday, now? Well, here are all the details you need to know:


  • ARC of Firebrand with Original Cartoon Gryphon- Signed by Kristen Britain (see below)

  • Green Rider- Original publisher in the UK- Signed by Kristen Britain (see below)

  • 8x10 Special Print- Embellished, Mounted, and Signed by Madeline Shayne

  • Hand-drawn Music Theme of 'Karigan' in a Golden Frame- Signed by Kristina A. Bishoff

  • Designer Green Rider Great Coat with Brooch- Made by Kim

Where: eBay (we will be providing the link once the auction opens)

When: next Monday, February 19th!

The remaining auctions will be held throughout the month of March after the launch of the Kickstarter, so don't just run back to your comfy reading spot once you've purchased your reward tier! Keep checking back in with the progress of the campaign to find out what new auction items we'll be adding and when the bidding will begin.

And now, as promised: our special "Valentine's Day" treat for you. As you can remember, last Tuesday, we shared a fun "Legolas vs. Aragorn" poll. All credit for the idea can be given to Kristina, who thought it would be the perfect way to decide what our special Valentine's Day post would be.

(Because everyone needs a little "eye candy" on Valentine's Day, right?)

So at my last tally, Aragorn won 159 to 81(#sorryLegolas) (#teamAragornforthewin)! I'm sure you may have guessed what the poll was really asking for, but just in case: this was to decide whether we would be sharing an image of King Zachary (our own Sacoridian Aragorn) or Shawdell (a slightly more sinister Sacoridian version of Legolas).

Well, the fans have spoken! King Zachary it is!

Of course, I couldn't resist the opportunity to include a black clad Weapon in the image (Zachary does have his shadows with him everywhere he goes, after all), so consider that an extra little piece of eye candy in honor of Valentine's Day!

And with that, we will leave you guys with a reminder that I will be revealing the soundtrack cover this Saturday at 12 pm EST, via Facebook Live!

Follow my page right here before the call so you'll be notified when I go live!

I will also try to bring Kristina onto the call with me so you can ask us both questions about the cover (why Kristina picked the particular image we ultimately went with, why I edited the way I did... whatever you want to ask us about relating to the project is fair game!)

So mark your calendars with these important dates, and we will see you guys on Saturday!

Cover Image Reveal: Saturday, February 17th at 12 pm EST

Auction 1: Begins Monday, February 19th

Kickstarter officially launches: March 1st

- Kristina and Madeline

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