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Your First Peek at the Kickstarter!

It hardly seems real.

The Kickstarter is launching in one week and ONE DAY!

Personally, it seems SOOOOOO long ago that I reached out to Kristina in hopes of being a part of this project, and now we are practically at the doorstep, ready to (im)patiently watch our Kickstarter play out.

And I have only been a part of this journey since July! I can only imagine what Kristina is feeling right now, when she's put many, many more hours, weeks, and months into creating a true work of passion and art.

Not to mention creating the cutest little humans you've ever seen:

So what does one do to celebrate just such an occasion?

Well, share sneak peeks, of course!

Now, I'm going to keep it short today, because (as you can imagine) Kristina and I have a lot to get done before next Thursday. But before I return to my other tasks (like creating the image of a certain sinister Eletian), I'll give you those little peeks I promised.

To start off, a first look at what you can be expecting for rewards tiers within the Kickstarter campaign. I'm especially excited about the art book we'll be offering (of course, I'm biased) in some of the tiers, like these:

And to give you a taste of the magic and love that has gone into this project, a short little preview of the Kickstarter film:

Are you geeking out as much as I am about this?!

AAAAAND one final announcement before you depart:

This Saturday at 2 PM EST, Kristina and I will be hosting another FBLive AMA on Kristina's Facebook Page. Curious to know why we're not projecting the Kickstarter rewards to be shipped out until October/November?

(I know... the wait is killing us too.)

Or what Kristina's favorite flower/candy is?

(OK, maybe I'm just curious about the latter... for "congratulations, you just had a baby!" purposes... but it wouldn't hurt for us all to know, right?)

Anyway, we'll be talking through these concerns, as well as answering any other questions you might have, so if you have a question (or if you just want to chat!), join us live on Saturday at 2 PM EST on Kristina's Facebook Page!

Can't make it live? Pop your question into the comments below and we'll make sure to answer it!

See you on Saturday!

P.S. Don't forget our pre-Kickstarter auction happening RIGHT now! You really don't want to miss out on these one of a kind items (like ARCs signed by Kristen and custom drawn music themes from Kristina). The auction is only running for a few more days, so check it out now!

You can view the items by clicking RIGHT HERE!

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