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A Very Short (and Sinister) Update on Kickstarter's Eve

Happy Kickstarter's Eve!

So as not to distract from the big day tomorrow, Kristina made the wise decision to keep the update this week short and sweet...

... or maybe short and sinister, considering the visual aide I've decided to share with the update this week:

(Does it mean I have a strange sense of appropriateness that I think sharing the first look at the Gray One, our #1 villain, the eve before the big day seemed to be the perfect thing to do...?)

Anyway, I have to first thank Kristina immensely for recommending the addition of the black orb to the image! Like all art (or really any work), it's always better to have two sets of eyes on something, and when I felt like the image was missing something, but just couldn't figure out what, Kristina came in with the brilliant idea to add the Gray One's sinister form of magic to the image.

As for the Kickstarter, WE LAUNCH TOMORROW!!!

Please remember, not only to contribute to the project, but please also share and engage with Kristina's, Kristen's, and my posts regarding the Kickstarter as much as possible in the coming weeks. The more funding we get for this, the better the soundtrack Kristina and the producers can put together.

As Kristina has said, if we reach our minimum ($30,000) she will be able to hire a few soloists for the project, with the rest of the music being backed by virtual instruments. Buuuuuut, if we can make it to $90,000, we get the entire orchestra! As she so eloquently puts it: the difference is like watching Lord of the Rings on your TV vs. watching it in theaters!

(Because let's face it: watching the Helm's Deep scenes on your ten year old TV just doesn't compare to the cinematically inspiring experience of listening to the epically-scored scene of Gandalf and the Rohirrim saving the Battle of the Hornburg when witnessed in theaters!)

So when it goes live tomorrow, like, share, comment, contribute, and shout it from the rooftops about this Kickstarter, friends, because the more we raise, the better the prize for you!

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