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An Inside Look at Condor's Tier

Over 80% funded in less than a week!!!

I always believed Green Rider fans were the most loyal, but now I have proof! Let's keep up the good work, because a Sacoridian-inspired release party for the fully-orchestrated soundtrack sounds pretty incredible, if you ask me!

If you haven't yet, back our project by clicking here!

Now to the matter at hand: in the past week, we've had several questions about what some of the reward tier items look like. Kristina and I therefore decided to host a series of video calls in order to give you guys a look at what to expect! If you missed it, last night we had our first call in the series, where I walked you through the items in Condor's Tier. You can catch the replay of the FB Live event over on my Facebook page.

However, if you missed it last night and/or you prefer reading over watching my awkward self on video (totally don't blame you), I've also dedicated today's blog post to showing you the items available in Condor's Tier!

So, to begin:

1. Every Rider that backs the project will be given a digital thank you card, which will be the image of Karigan and Condor (posted above) with a short note expressing our gratitude.

2. A digital wallpaper, which you will be able to use as the background for your computer or mobile device. Right now I am thinking it will be the main cover image of Karigan with the moonstone (see image below), but as I said in the FB Live last night, I'm also considering putting this up to a vote...

3. Physical and digital album commentary: I'm actually not going to explain what this is, because we have a call specifically set aside to go over this item. So mark you calendars for March 20th at 9:30 PM EST to find out what Kristina has in mind for the commentary!

4. Of course, you'll also be receiving the album... because duh. You'll be getting both a digital and physical copy, the latter being signed by Kristina, which is a Kickstarter exclusive perk!

5. You will be named on the album as "Captain of the Green Riders". We will be listing anyone who purchases the Golden Winged Horse Tier ($50) or higher as a Kickstarter backer within the cd booklet. When you purchase at the "Condor's Tier" level, you'll find your name listed among the "Captains of the Green Riders"!

6. Every induction into His Majesty King Zachary's military service requires a letter according your rank and branch of service and your initiation into the messenger service will be no different. While we are currently still in the design stages for creating the welcome letter, we can say that it will be inspired by historical military documents and certificates, and will be created with high-quality parchment-like paper.

7. A Golden Winged Horse Brooch! We are having an artisan create custom brooches for the Kickstarter campaign, which Kristina and I are VERY excited about. And the coolest part? The artisan allowed me to use some of her first renditions of the brooch while shooting the images, so the brooches will be exact replicas of what you see in the artwork!

8. A Rider Horse Gift box, fit for you AND your noble steed: Can I just say that I am SO excited for these gift box items. Kristina has done an excellent job sourcing some really fun items to put in the boxes, like "Horse Stables" scents, horse books, and yummy treats that you and your horse-y companion will love. Kristina has done a lot of research for the various gift boxes being offered through the Kickstarter, and each one of them will have very unique items, sourced largely from small businesses and artisans. It'll be like Christmas, your birthday, and a midnight book release party, all rolled up into one happy moment of joy when you open that gift box, I assure you.

9. 10 5x7 prints featuring horses and their riders from the Green Rider Book Soundtrack artwork, signed by me. This item is pretty self-explanatory, so rather than chatting your ear off, here is a handy little collage showing all the images you'll be getting (plus one more Rider and one more picture of Karigan and Condor, which I will be finishing shortly):

10. And last, but (in my incredibly biased opinion), not least: the album art book! Since completing all the art pieces is still a work in progress, we don't yet have a complete book to show you. However, as I've been working on the pieces, I've also been designing the pages of the art book. While the designs below are still subject to change, pending properly recognizing Kristen's creative property and navigating copyrights, this will give you an idea for what you to expect:

The book will be divided into sections (i.e. a "Rider" section, a "Villains" section, etc.), with a short description of their role in the Green Rider universe. In each character's page, there will also be a short bio, describing where the character is from, their background, and (if they're a Rider), their magical ability and horse's name.

And now for two exciting announcements:

1) Kristen brilliantly recommended getting fan input on the names for the horses, which I thought was absolutely brilliant. So brilliant, that I thought it would ALSO be fun to gather submissions on brief character bios for each of the Riders (since they're not in the books... yet... wink, wink Kristen!). I have yet to finalize details on how I'll be gathering fan submissions for this, but know that it's coming so be prepared!

2) Kristen, being the incredibly generous soul that she is, has ALSO decided to throw in some extra "stretch-goal incentives" into the pot, should we reach the 60k, 90k, or 120k mark. Ready for it?

At 60k, Kristen will do a livestream reading from Dream Gatherer, during which her kitties will be making an appearance. She will also be revealing one of her illustrations!

At 90k, she will do another livestream reading, however this time from GR7 (eek!), and of course, accompanied by her adorable kitties.

And at 120k, Kristen will read another selection from GR7 and.... REVEAL THE WORKING TITLE.

Sound like something you can't resist? Back our project by clicking here!

"But Madeline, I've already backed this project, and I can't afford to put any more money in. What else can I even do?"

Share, share, share! While Kristina, Kristen, and I have been doing our very best to reach out to news outlets, podcasts, and anyone who might be interested in our project, it's really in the hands of the fans (you), to help get this project in front of the most people.

So don't be shy to let your inner-fantasy nerd out of its shell for everyone to see. Like each of our posts. Even better, comment on each of our posts. And even better, SHARE each of our posts. Share them a million times!

I promise, your friends and family will still love you after hearing about the Kickstarter for the entire month of March (at least... I keep telling myself my family and friends will!), and as an added bonus, you might just get to attend a Sacoridian ball, with Her Majesty Kristen Britain, and her loyal subjects, Kristina and Madeline in attendance.

And possibly Freya (but no promises)...

©2018 Kristina A. Bishoff