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So, What's in the 'Black Shield' Tier?

Just like our Facebook Live last Tuesday, yesterday Kristina and I gave you an in-depth look at one of the Kickstarter tiers and the items it includes. The tier we covered in yesterday's call was the Black Shield tier, so if you missed it, keep reading!

(Or if me holding up my phone to the screen during the call last night just wan't cutting it for you, enjoy some better quality versions of the images with significantly less glare below!)

We also made some exciting announcements about upcoming auctions and opportunities for fan participation in the artbook, so don't skip the end of this post!

So, to begin, like in Condor's Tier, the Black Shield Tier contains everything in the "Adventure Begins" Tier, which includes:

1. Every Rider that backs the project will be given a digital thank you card, which will be the image of Karigan and Condor (see below) with a short note expressing our gratitude.

2. A digital wallpaper, which you will be able to use as the background for your computer or mobile device. We will be putting out a poll once the Kickstarter wraps up to get input on which image to pick for the wallpaper (details on that in the announcements below)! It will look something like this:

3. The physical and digital album commentary. And same as last week, I'm not going to explain what this is, because we have a call specifically set aside to go over this item. So mark you calendars for next Tuesday, March 20th at 9:30 PM EST to find out what Kristina has in mind for the commentary!

4. Of course, you'll also be receiving the album... because duh. You'll be getting both a digital and physical copy. The Kickstarter is a rare opportunity for fans to get a signed edition of the soundtrack from Kristina, so keep that in mind if you're on the fence about getting the soundtrack!

Now, in addition to everything you'll be receiving in "The Adventure Begins" Tier, you'll also be receiving:

5. A letter certifying your rank and station among the Black Shields. While we are currently still in the design stages for creating the welcome letter, we can say that it will be inspired by historical military documents and certificates, and will be created with high-quality parchment-like paper.

6. You will be named on the album as a "Black Shield". We will be listing anyone who purchases the Golden Winged Horse Tier ($50) or higher as a Kickstarter backer within the cd booklet. When you purchase at the "Black Shield" Tier level, you'll find your name listed among the "Black Shields"!

7. A Black Shield Charm. What I love about these is that they're small enough to wear (aptly) as a charm on a necklace or bracelet, but since they aren't already attached to a chain, you really can get creative with how you use it. I'm tempted to tie one on to a fancy black velvet ribbon and use as a bookmark, but the choice is yours in how you choose to use or wear it!

PC: UniqueBeadsNY

8. A hand-drawn copy of the musical theme for King Zachary. I wish I had a music room, just for these hand-drawn musical themes Kristina is creating, because guys... they are pure art. Imagine a wall with multiples of these hanging above your piano (insert about thirty heart-eyed emojis):

9. And last, but (in my incredibly biased opinion), not least: the album art book! Since completing all the art pieces is still a work in progress, we don't yet have a complete book to show you. However, as I've been working on the pieces, I've also been designing the pages of the art book. While the designs below are still subject to change, pending properly recognizing Kristen's creative property and navigating copyrights, this will give you an idea for what you to expect:

The book will be divided into sections (i.e. a "Rider" section, a "Villains" section, etc.), with a short description of their role in the Green Rider universe. In each character's page, there will also be a short bio, describing where the character is from, their background, and (if they're a Rider), their magical ability and horse's name.

And now for those exciting announcements!

First, Kristina will be hosting ANOTHER auction NEXT MONDAY, March 19th and here's what will be offered for the bidding:

  1. Piano song written for you (with sheet music and mp3), signed by Kristina A. Bishoff

  2. The current COMPLETE SET (in HARDCOVER!) of the Green Rider series, SIGNED BY KRISTEN BRITAIN (um.... wut? Yes. Please.)

  3. An 11x14 embellished and mounted print of your choice from the album artwork, signed by me, Madeline Shayne

  4. Hand-written page excerpt from the upcoming Green Rider Book 7, signed by Kristen Britain

  5. First Rider's Call, original publisher in UK version, signed by Kristen Britain

  6. A 16x20 embellished and mounted print of your choice from the album artwork, signed by me, Madeline Shayne

  7. An epic orchestra song written for you (mp3), signed by Kristina A. Bishoff

Who wouldn't want to bid on ANY of those items? We'll be giving early bird access to the auction to those on our mailing list, so if you want to be one of the first to lay eyes on these beautiful items, sign up now via the form at the bottom of the homepage (or click HERE and scroll to the bottom).

Second, in the last two calls, I mentioned Kristen had the brilliant idea to get fan input for the art book, and here's how you can be involved:

In the artbook, we will have a small section where there will be small bios for each of the Riders. Since these are not characters Kristen has written about in the books (think of them as Riders from the past or the future), they don't have a background story, and their horses don't have a name!

So, on Monday, April 9th, when the Kickstarter is done and we are all lamenting the loss of such a fun surge in Rider activity, I'll be doing my best to keep the Wild Ride alive by sending out a short survey where you will be able to help me with the following:

  1. Decide which wallpaper will be going out to everyone who backed the Kickstarter.

  2. Pick out names for the Riders Horses.

  3. Give a little background story on each of the Riders (what they were doing before they heard the call, etc.).

Hopefully that'll be enough to keep you guys going until (among other activities we have planned) until the soundtrack is sent out to you guys late summer 2018!

So, before I leave, remember, we'll be having another Facebook Live event, this time on Kristina's page (click here to "like" her page, if you don't already!), where she will be walking us through the album commentary and what that will look like. Tune in on Tuesday, March 20th at 9:30 PM EST to find out!

Until then, thank you guys for getting us all the way to 119% so far on our Kickstarter funding goal! Next stop, 200% (or 60k, for the mathematically challenged, like myself)!

Ride on, fellow Riders!

©2018 Kristina A. Bishoff