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The Album Commentary

Hello Riders! Kristina here today, Madeline is spending some wonderful and well deserved time with family and so I'm taking over for the blog this week.

For those of you who missed the Facebook Live Video last night, I went over what is in the album commentary, updates on the project, and Kristen's special incentive for one of the tiers. The album commentary is an in-depth look into how the music was made for this book soundtrack. Characters are represented with melodies. Mood is represented through chords and instrumentation and details. Important events and scenes in the book are depicted through changes in musical details, timbre, and embellishments. Music is full of symbols. I believe that when you understand what the music is saying, your enjoyment of it is so much more fulfilling and magical. You'll be able to see the story painted more clearly. You'll be able to have thoughtful discussions on what you believe the music is conveying. You'll also sound really cool to your friends and family when you impress them with your high musical intelligence.

In the video, we went over a song from the album: "Mansion in the Middle of the Forest"

The Melody- The Berry Sisters

Introduced by the flute and obeo in Lydian Mode (an augmented Major), it is light, quirky, curious, and yet proper. It repeats the rhythm of the first 3 notes twice to symbolize the two sisters, one more playful and the other older and more conservative. Then in the notes that follow, it represent them unified and together as it flows in a more legato (or lovely and connected) fashion.

The Mood- Magical, Quirky, Peaceful, Surprisingly Proper How do I represent those moods?

Magical: chimes, triangle, trills in the strings and winds

Quirky: Lydian Mode (like the major scale, except you raise the 4th note in the scale. For example: C, D, E, F#, G, A, B,), ebbing and flowing in the plucking strings, bassoon because what's quirkier than a bassoon?

Peaceful: in the beginning there is humming string harmonics and french horn with bird like noises in the flutes, gentle harp

Surprisingly Proper: the magical and quirky aspects never get too much attention, otherwise it'd be too musically silly. When it reaches the middle of the song it becomes more solemn and stately in the strings and low brass to remind us that this mansion has a history and that the women of the house will always make sure to do what's proper. Then it eases and teases back into the still magical world that is Seven Chimneys.

The Scene- (Green Rider, Chapter: Seven Chimneys)

After an exhausting and scary escape from the dangerous villain Captain Immerez, Karigan is prodded awake with a cane of twisted hickory wood. She bolts upright ready to run when she realizes she's in the presence of two elderly women... in the middle of the woods. These two unusual and whimsical ladies do the proper thing and invite Karigan and her companions (the Horse and the spirit of the fallen Rider, F'Ryan Cobblebay) to their mansion, a civilized oasis in the middle of the Green Cloak forest. It is an enchanting place with magical items, an invisible staff, and two women who know more about propriety than a matronly etiquette teacher. "Welcome to Seven Chimneys" Overall goal: I want you to feel like you are Karigan, discovering this unusual and magical place with such wonderful and quirky ladies.

You may also recognize some of the inspirations for this song. "Rita Skeeter"

"Part of Your World"

Composers are influenced greatly by the music they listen to, both consciously and subconsciously. I consciously listened to "Rita Skeeter" to get the right sound for magical and quirky. High strings and winds trilling and fluttering about. Plucking and sighing in the low and mid strings. Triangle, chimes and harp. All these are things I was inspired by from this song. Subconsciously, I accessed the part of my mind heavily influenced by music to The Little Mermaid. This was my absolute favorite film as a child. I knew I wanted to convey the wondrous nature of the world of Seven Chimneys as well as reference the magical items that Karigan discovers while she is there. So you'll hear the melody sounds similar to the start of "Part of Your World." Interesting how that works! This song is evidence to me that composing music is best when it is a balance between purposeful decisions and pure dream-like creation.

Green Rider-Telekenisis Model: Noah Clewley Greatcoat: Kelsey Krohn

So there is a look into what kind of commentary I'll be doing on each song. I will cover what melodies are featured, what the mood of the music is, what scene it's depicting, and some insights into what brought each particular song to light.

It will be different for each song as each song took a different process. Some songs took 4 hours to compose while others took 2 weeks and 3 revisions of the ending to really get the music right (looking at you "A Hunt for the King".) I'm excited to share more insights into the music with you that bring you further into the soundtrack and world of Green Rider.


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Important Announcements:

• Madeline and I combine for Facebook Live Tuesday March 27th at 9:30 pm EST : We're taking a look at the items in "Karigan's Tier"

• Green Rider Auction #2 is live and ends THIS Saturday at 8 am EST

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• My birthday is also on March 31st, so wish me a Happy Birthday by supporting, sharing, and donating to the Green Rider Project!!

This is Karigan. Karigan is presenting me a gift for my birthday. Be like Karigan.

Thanks for tuning in Riders! Kristina

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