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Come and See! A Look at "Karigan's" Tier

Did you miss our last Facebook Live event?

On Tuesday, Kristina and I did one final Kickstarter Facebook Live call, where we covered everything backers who pledge at the "Karigan's" tier will be getting. You can catch the replay, right here:

So as a recap, here is everything you can get (it's quite the extensive list!):

  1. A digital copy AND *TEN* physical copies of the album, signed by Kristina (to share with all your friends and family)

  2. A digital thank you card from Kristina and I, featuring Karigan and Condor

  3. The digital album commentary, where you can find out all the hidden meaning and symbolism in Kristina's music

  4. A digital wallpaper of the artwork, to be used as your computer or device background

  5. A copy of Green Rider by Kristen Britain

  6. Named in the CD booklet as a "Hero of Sacoridia"

  7. A generous Sacoridian Gift Box (with lots of yummy treats and visually inspiring items!)

  8. A Golden Winged Horse Brooch

  9. Karigan's Music Theme, hand-drawn, framed, and signed by Kristina

  10. An original epic orchestra song custom-written for you, by Kristina (mp3 included)

  11. 25 5x7 signed prints of your choice from the album artwork

  12. A Deluxe Album Art Book

  13. A 16x20 print of the image of Karigan used on the cover of the album, signed and embellished by me

  14. And MOST exciting: you will be entered into a drawing for an ARC of and image from Kristen's next book "The Dream Gatherer"

Whew.... that was a lot! Again, if you skipped it and you're curious to find out more about any of these items, check out the video above!

Now, before we leave and eagerly/nervously watch these last 50ish hours of the Kickstarter (this month has seriously FLOWN. BY.), I have an exciting announcement for you!

For anyone backing the Kickstarter at the $25 or more level (you can back the project here:, you will be entered in to several drawings:

  1. A voice recording from Ellen Archer (the voice behind the Green Rider audio books). Ellen can record a message in the voice of any character of your choice from the series. "Happy Birthday" sung by the Berry Sisters? A wedding toast in the voice of Yap? Uh... yes! Yes!

  2. A Karigan and Condor Funkopop, created by fellow Rider Darla.

  3. Five chances to win a small treasure pouch containing a golden-winged horse charm, a black shield charm, a golden-winged horse brooch, a moonstone, and other yummy treats!

  4. A Deluxe Art Book!

So many exciting things to make sure this Kickstarter ends fantastically! Let's cross our fingers we hit those stretch goals! "Ride, Greenie, ride! It's the Wild Ride!"

©2018 Kristina A. Bishoff