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What's Next?

Hello all I hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend. Madeline and I certainly did! So now that we have raised almost $70,000, what's next?

A Drawing This Thursday at 9:30pm EST Madeline and I are holding drawing with some fun prizes. If you are a backer of $25 or more, you are automatically entered in to the drawing. We're excited to offer some fun gift prizes that include: a special personalized recording by Ellen Archer (the narrator of the Green Rider series on audio books), a Karigan & Condor Funko Pop, a Deluxe Album Art Book, and a Sacoridian Treasure Pouch (5 Chances to Win) with items like a golden charm, black shield charm, golden brooch, moonstone shards, etc. A Poll Next week we'll be having a poll for the Artbook names and background stories. You'll be able to suggest names of Rider horses and their background stories. Be on the lookout for our email/update on that. We're looking forward to reading all of your great ideas and suggestions!

A Reading Kristen will be reading a selection from her upcoming novella The Dream Gatherer on her page next Tuesday April 10th at 9:30pm EST. Madeline and I are super excited about it, especially since her cats are invited to join in on the live video. (Hopefully they decide to grace us with their presence!) Add-ons Add-ons will be coming in about 2 weeks. We'll keep you updated once Kickstarter and Backerkit have given us the go. Recording I am contacting the studio and my orchestrators this week to start the process of producing the CD. I'm compiling the music now for my orchestrators as they get it ready for musicians to read. We're looking to record in June. Art Book Madeline is working on the images and putting together the art books. The images are looking amazing! Your Rewards We'll be sending out surveys to all during the coming weeks to gather information on what names will go on the reward items and art and music details as well for your specific tiers. We have started gathering items and contacting our artisans. It is going to take some time to put these rewards together as I am expecting a little bundle of joy to grace our house any day now! But we will be aiming to have these out to you between the original estimated delivery dates of Sept.-Nov. Ideally we'll get these to you sooner than that! We'll keep you updated on our progress. A Baby I'll be having an adorable baby soon! Could be today! Who knows? Do know that I will be posting an update to you all when she arrives and she'll be wearing some special Rider items :) Have a great week Riders! Kristina & Madeline

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