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Kristina and I are sure you're thinking something along those lines right now, so let me start off this update by answering your question: they're coming.

I know, we've been saying that for quite some time, but we REALLY mean it this time! Of course, you're next question is probably something along the lines of "why has it taken sooooo loooooong?!"

Well, the long story is that in order to work with Backerkit (the company that makes the option to have add-ons possible), there is a specific process they require us to follow:

First, we had to wait for the Kickstarter starter to finish (March 31).

Second, we had to wait for the funds to be processed and transferred to Kristina's bank account (which typically takes about two weeks).

Third, we had to wait for the add-on items to be reviewed and approved by the Backerkit team, which often takes a bit of back and forth to make sure the items are order-ready.

(As it turns out, there's quite a bit of waiting when it comes to running a Kickstarter...)

SO. The good news: as of Monday, the funds have gone through and the Backerkit team has looked through our selection of add-ons. They have sent back a few edits and questions, which Kristina will be answering TODAY.

Once the team approves the fixes Kristina is responding with, we will then be able to send out the surveys (helping us to fulfill all the custom requests like particular print selections) and open up the add-ons!

So now the short answer: ETA is 2 - 4 days! So.... get ready Riders! I can already SEE those Rider brooches flying off the virtual shelves!

In other news, Kristina and her family have been taking a small break from the Kickstarter to focus on their newest addition to the family, little Joy Bishoff (or Rider Joy, in keeping with Green Rider tradition):

Tell me that's not the cutest birth announcement you've EVER seen!

As for me, I have been doing my best to fill in Kristina's shoes while she's gone. Luckily, things have been relatively calm since the Kickstarter wrapped up, so I hope no one will be banging down Kristina's door demanding her to come back like angry and depressed Karigan at Captain Mapstone's door in First Rider's Call...

I've also dedicated myself to one task, and one task only this week, and that is to complete the design of the art book. I am flying off to Ireland this upcoming Monday and I am determined to take a vacation without the unfinished art book looming over my head the whole time I'm gone. So wish me luck (and perhaps some speedy fingers) to get this finished!

And yes, I could possibly be persuaded to share a sneak peak of the design when all is completed and the proofs have been sent to the printer...

As ever, Kristina and I both are incredibly grateful for the support you have shown us these past few months. It's been quite the journey (I believe this month marks one year since Kristina first conceived of the idea for the Green Rider book soundtrack), and Kristina and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

And we really mean every minute!

©2018 Kristina A. Bishoff