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So.... What's Next?

With the add-on period having closed on Saturday, the Green Rider Book Soundtrack Kickstarter has officially closed with $99,297 in funds raised!

As Kristen would say: MUPPET ARMS!!!

It has been an adventure getting to this milestone, for sure, but now that Kristina and I are here, we’re both going to take a HUGE vacation and go hide away in our respective hermit holes and sleep for the next six months.

Juuuuuuust kidding!

We’ve still got work to do, and that is namely getting everything ready for us to start putting all the pledges together so we can get them to you by early Fall!

First, and most importantly (since this IS why we raised all this money), Kristina will be flying up to Utah at the end of this month to start recording with the orchestra, choir, and soloists! She's been busy these last few weeks not only with the littlest addition to her family, Baby Joy, but also with scheduling everything so that when she arrives in Utah, she's ready to hit that record button!

(Although I'm sure it's a tad more complicated of a process than simply pressing a "record" button, but one can dream!)

Of course, now that all orders have been placed for the Kickstarter, it’s time to start ordering all the prints, art books, and other products Kristina and I made available for purchase. For myself, I need to tie up the design of the art book so we can send off to the printers. And once I get all the prints and art books in hand, I’ll also need to start hand-embellishing all the limited edition prints and signing everything!

Looking further afield, the tentative plan is for me to head down to Houston at the beginning of August, for some long overdue Baby Joy and little Bev cuddles (under the guise of helping Kristina put all the pledges together, of course... but don't tell her my REAL motivation...).

Finally, in early November, Kristina and I will be heading up to Bar Harbor, Maine for Kristen Britain’s The Dream Gatherer book signing event and we are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to visit all of Sacoridia’s…. er, Acadia’s most beautiful spots! We hope to see you at the event!

And that's all! It’s a short update today, but that just means more time for us to get back to work on all the new things that lie ahead!

P.S. Don't forget! Tonight at 9:30 PM EDT, Kristen will be doing a live reading from GR7 on her Facebook page! You 100% for sure of course obviously definitely don't want want to miss this!

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