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Kristina Has Done It Again...

Kristina has done it again, my friends. She has crafted what I can only describe as the PERFECT tribute to everyone's favorite steed. As of today, Kristina has finished composing the promised "Condor's Theme", our reward for reaching $90,000 with the Kickstarter funds, and all I can say is this:

It sounds SO. GOOD.

(Seriously, it might just be one of my favorites so far!)

Kristina will be sharing a fun clip in the coming days of a scrapped portion of Condor's theme she decided to NOT include in the final piece, but let me tell you, even the scrapped portion sounds REALLY good. So prepare yourselves for hearing the epicness when the soundtrack comes out!

And speaking of the soundtrack, Kristina will be flying up to Utah at the end of this week to begin recording the album early next week. Her life is currently consumed with approving the final scores from the orchestrators leading up to her trip, so she has been keeping VERY busy!

And for the Kickstarter backers, she'll be sharing lots of behind the scenes photos and insider videos from the recording sessions so prepare yourselves for some really interesting peaks into what life in the recording studio looks like.

On my end, I have finished the art book and it is now in the hands of the Almighty Approvers. Once we get everything squared away and approved, it'll be off to the printers. Other than that, work has slowed down quite a bit, so I've been focusing on either personal projects, or some legal nitty-gritty stuff no one REALLY cares to hear about for the website (*yawn*).

Of course, that all sounds rather boring, so looking further afield, a few things on my to-do list for the next month or two include ordering all the prints that were purchased through the Kickstarter, sorting them by backer, and embellishing the limited edition prints. I am also planning on doing a Facebook Live or a video showing how I embellish my prints once I have those orders in hand.

So stay tuned in the coming weeks for some fun updates and peaks into the process of fulfilling the Kickstarter pledges and the recording process. Until then let Kristina and I know if you're reading any great books right now! We'd love to hear what you're currently enjoying.

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