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The Gift that Keeps Giving

I always knew Green Rider was special, not just because it is my favorite book or that it is a great story, but that people and communities from all walks of life come together to be a part of it. So many things have happened since I first sat down to write music for this wonderful story– things I didn't expect in my wildest dreams would happen or could happen. I feel incredibly blessed by this whole project and would feel inappropriately reticent if I did not express my gratitude and reflect on the things that have happened since I first took the brave step to contacting Kristen Britain about my little dream.

- First Album: I wrote 23 songs and my first album while being a pregnant mother. There were hard nights and long nights sometimes, but I knew it would all be worth it. I took joy in making people happy and that is what drove me during those periods of crazy days. - Raised Money: ~$100,000 on Kickstarter/Backerkit to record the album with a full orchestra. Being in the studio those 3 days of recording was an ultimate dream of mine.

- Friends: Met and made friends with So. Many. Amazing. Talented. People.

- Book Signing: Invited to showcase the album and art book and give a powerpoint presentation at Kristen's latest book launch for The Dream Gatherer.

- Live Performance: First live performance (at the book signing event) that wasn't church or school related. - Physical CDs: Selling online AND in a brick and mortar building! Thank you Sherman's of Bar Harbor.

- Podcast: Featured on The Annotator, a podcast where composers share their stories and a behind-the-scenes look into their music.

- Radio: Classical stations nationwide featuring the show Performance Today! are this very day playing music from the album! An opening act to one of my favorite classical pieces of all time, "Scheherezade." Check out the May 15th show, 2nd Hour at about 24 minute mark to hear the Green Rider feature.

There have been a few more people who have approached me with very interesting and unique ways to showcase the Green Rider book soundtrack. When they happen, I'm excited to share those with you too! Thank you for joining this wild ride with me! I look forward to another advenuterous year! Your fellow Rider, Kristina

©2018 Kristina A. Bishoff