Suggested Readings

We recognize that everyone reads at a different speed. This "suggested readings" is meant as a  starting place for the scene that the music was written for. The music is yours to play wherever and however you feel it fits best in the book for you. It can also work in the other books in the series. Enjoy!

*Citations below come from the mass media paperback version of Green Rider.

** (R) means the song is most exciting when it's repeated

01 Green Rider
The cover and title page 

02 Escape from Selium
Ch. Dead Rider pg. 5 “Karigan G’ladheon awakened to the chatter of waxwings and chickadees ..."

03 Welcome Rider
Ch. Dead Rider pg. 7 “The racket shattered the woods ..."


04 The Horse
Ch. Dead Rider pg. 14 “She adjusted the stirrup irons to a comfortable length ..."


05 Disappearing Act
Ch. Disappearing Act pg. 23 “As the rider neared, his form solidified and sharpened ..."


06 Mansion in the Middle of the Forest
(R) Ch. Seven Chimneys pg. 31 “Someone prodded Karigan’s ribs ..."


07 Spawn of Blackveil 
(R) Ch. Spawn of Kanmorhan Vane pg. 85 “Just when she decided she must have imagined the noise ..."


08 Light of the Muna’riel
Ch. Social of the Elt Wood pg. 101 “The nature of her dreams changed ..."


09 Journey North

(R) Ch. North pg. 203 “Karigan awoke with the echo of hoofbeats ..."

10 A Severed Hand and Two Black Arrows
(R) Ch. Wild Ride pg. 241 “Her imagination was getting the better of her ..."

11 The Wild Ride

Ch. Wild Ride pg. 247 “Ride! The voice commanded ..."

12 Don’t Shoot the Messenger
Ch. Ride’s End pg. 252 “She lay in a field immersed in sunlight ..."

13 Rider Barracks

(R) Ch. Visitor to the Realm pg. 271 “Karigan’s sleep was dreamless and long ..."

14 Intrigue 

Ch. Intrigue and Invitation pg. 285 “What had been in the Captain’s warning look ...”

15 Sacoridian Waltz
(R) Ch. Karigan Attends the King’s Ball pg. 298 “As soon as they were through the entrance ..."

16 Out on the Balcony
Ch. Karigan Attends the King’s Ball pg. 303 “The moon sat in the sky like a fat silver coin ..."

17 A Hunt for the King

(R) Ch. Black Arrows pg. 341 “Then, as if on cue, a weapon fell from his horse ..."

18 All Equals, All Heroes
Ch. The Next Move pg. 359 “Karigan jerked awake with a cry ...”

19 Heroes Avenue
(R) Ch. Heroes Avenue pg. 404 “The soldiers murmured uncertainly and shrugged ...”


20 The Black Stone
(R) Ch. The Final Play pg. 440 “The tangle of black currents snared Karigan’s father ..."

21 The White World
(R) Ch. Triad pg. 447 “Karigan was stretched out ..."


22 Triad

(R) Ch. Triad pg. 451 “As if in response to her rising spirits ..."

23 Sacoridia
Ch. Homeward pg. 471 “Karigan watched as the captain rode Bluebird back through the gate ..."

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